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A portion of the proceeds that we receive from you when you buy from us goes to a Pet shelter to support its operation and all the animals that are rescued. In addition, if you choose to adopt a pet from a shelter, you are helping more than just your new pet.

The space you have opened up by doing so gives an opportunity for another pet to be rescued.

A harness for your dog, a home for a rescue

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Adopt another pet?

As long as your time and budget permits, please take the time to reconsider consider inviting a rescue dog into your home. When you adopt a pet, you give that pet a second chance to have a wonderful, fulfilling life with a happy family.

Here's the perfect gift to that rescue you wanna take home.

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Your dog's safety is our

utmost priority

Up your dog's safety in the car when you use a doggie seatbelt. The harness and leash would reduce the impact on the dog's neck in the event of a collision, lowering the chance of injury to your pet. They also keep them from falling out the window or jumping out.

Most safety harnesses are crash-tested and DOT-approved to ensure your dog's safety and comfort.

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