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Devon, the founder of Doggy Loves This is the owner of a Frenchton named Winston. Just like you, Devon considers his dog as his family and provides love and care for his dog and treats it with love and respect. Devon noticed that there were not many products in the market that can provide him with a sense of security in terms of keeping Winston safe. He had to change many leashes and harnesses as they would break since Winston would pull on them and find them uncomfortable, in some cases even causing skin rashes.

Devon realized that his dog must receive the best products which would not only be comfortable but enhance the bond between him and Winston. This was the start of his journey and passion that led him to find Doggy Loves This.

Our mission to provide all your wonderful pets the best products which are comfortable and affordable. We believe in the philosophy that “dogs are my kids” and ensure that our dogs need to be provided the products that not only we love but enhances the bond between us and our doggies. We vow to donate a part of our revenue to our favorite charity to ensure each and every dog that we come across is entitled to a safe and loving family.

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