Dog harness

$22.99 $27.05 Regular price 15% OFF
Dog harness Dog harness Dog harness Dog harness Dog harness
Dog harness Dog harness Dog harness Dog harness Dog harness

Dog harness

$22.99 $27.05 Regular price 15% OFF

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Extra thick yet breathable inner layer of soft mesh optimized for skin ventilation and pet comfort. The mesh lining of the dog harness for large dogs prevents injuries and offer maximum protection.


  • Material: Oxford cloth (100% polyester)
  • Adjustable buckles
  • Padded feature


  • Heavy duty
  • Easily strap on and off


Size              Neck / cm(inch)                        Chest / cm(inch)

S              40-48cm / 15.74-18.89inch        45-51cm / 17.71-20.07inch

M             45-54cm / 17.71-21.25inch        52-60cm / 20.47-23.62inch

L              54-67cm / 21.25-26.37inch       63-77cm / 24.80-30.31inch

XL           60-70cm / 23.61-27.55inch        72-91cm / 28.34-35.82inch

We aim to help keep your dog safe

at all times!

One of the most important things you can do to keep your dog safe outside is to supervise them. It can be tempting to let your dog run freely at the dog park since they're happiest when they're running around, but please always be mindful of where they're running off to.

We suggest using a sturdy leash when you walk your dog. They love keeping close to you, so check out these comfortable options for your dog.

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