Types of Dog Harnesses 

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Types of Dog Harnesses 

Appropriate training and walking equipment help train a dog properly, and a 'dog harness’ is one of them. Do you have a dog that jerks or misbehave on a leash? Does it yank you all over the sidewalk when you go out for a walk? If yes, then there must be a problem, and you need to fix it. 

What you all need is to find the perfect harness to control your crazy canine. There are several types of harness in the market that comes with their pros and cons. 

In this article, you will learn about different dog harnesses that you can choose for your dog to train appropriately. 

What is a Dog Harness?

A dog harness is equipment that helps you to control and manage your dog. Moreover, it is a good training tool for puppies who have not learned to walk on a lead. A harness offers better control in busy streets or crowds. 

Let's have a look at different types of dog harnesses! 

Buying a Dog Harness 

The process of buying a dog harness can be overwhelming. But the correct type of dog harness can fix all the issues. A harness is the best option for a large dog because it gives you much better control and is easier for your arms and back. However, it is also safe and comfortable for your dog. 

While buying dog harnesses, there are multiple factors that one must consider. For instance, what is your dog's behavior or temperament on walks? Observe your canine behavior to choose the best harness for it. 

Types of Dog Harnesses 

Here are five types of dog harnesses with the pros and cons of each:

1. Step In Harness 

Step in harness

A step-in harness is best for dogs who do not like harness over their heads. For this type of harness, you need to lay the harness flat on the floor and then allow your dog to step into the two loops formed by the straps of the harness. Afterward, simply pull up the side straps and buckle them around the dog’s back. 


Here are some pros of the step in harness:

  • Best for small dog breeds
  • Easy to put on 
  • Step in harness have back clips 


  • If your dog is obedient, you may face a problem maneuvering them into the correct position to put on the harness.

2. Dual Clip Harness

 Dual clip harness is one of the types of dog harnesses that give you two options of attaching the leash

The front and back of your dog while depending upon their behavior. 


Pros of dual clip harness are:

  • It gives versatile walking action 
  • Offers both front and back clips 


  • Sometimes the two metal loops are not comfortable for dogs because they can rub against their skin. 

3. Front Clip Harness 

The front clip harness is also known as the 'Anti-pull harness.' This type of harness helps to teach the dogs not to pull or tug at their leash. 

The design of the front clip harness is similar to the back clip harness, but here the loop is located in front of the dog's chest. 


Here are some of the pros of a front clip harness:

  • Front clip harness is widely available 
  • This type of harness is suitable for dog trainers who want to teach leash manners


  • If you don't pick it high enough, the leash can easily get tangled into the dog's legs.  

4. Back Clip Harness

Back clip harness is one of the basic types of harnesses available in several colors in markets.  They have a metal D-loop attached to the fabric at the back of the harness where the dog leash attaches.


Here are some of the pros of a back clip harness:

  • Available widely 
  • Dogs can’t reach the leash to chew it  
  • The leash is less likely to tangle 


  • If a dog tends to pull, then a back clip harness is not a good option in this condition.

5. Safety Harness

If you travel with your dog frequently, then a safety harness is the best option for you. While traveling, you should have ways of keeping them safe as well as under your control. 

Moreover, a Safety harness easily attaches to the seat belt to keep your dog comfortable and even secure while on roads. 


Here are some pros of a safety harness for your dog:

  • Compatible with all cars
  • A safety harness can also be used as a walking harness 


  • The safety harness is expensive 


The dog harness is one of the best pieces of equipment to train your dog. However, it would help if you observed your dog's behavior and temperament to choose the correct harness for it. These types of dogs harnesses are widely available from which you can select according to your dog's comfort and your feasibility.