Try These 5 Fun Activities With Your Dog This Fall

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Try These 5 Fun Activities With Your Dog This Fall

Since the leaves are falling and the weather is cooling down, there are a slew of new things you can do with your dog this autumn.

Autumn provides a wealth of activities that are unavailable during other seasons.

Here are five of our favorite fall activities with our dogs:


1. Take a trip to an apple orchard.

The apples are ripe for the picking, and a trip to the orchard is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the cold, crisp autumn air. Many orchards accept dogs, but check the restrictions for your specific orchard before going.

Apple slices can also be used to clean your dog's teeth and freshen their breath, but make sure the core and seeds are removed as they can be both a choking and gastrointestinal hazard. 


2. Go trick-or-treating!

Halloween is a great opportunity to dress up your dog (as long as they're comfortable with it) and go trick-or-treating with the kids.

Make sure you have extra dog biscuits on hand in case trick-or-treater dogs show up at your door.


3. Visit a pumpkin patch.

There are many pumpkin patches that allow you to bring your dog, but as with apple orchards, verify the restrictions of your local pumpkin patch before going.

Your dog can assist you in finding the ideal pumpkin for a dog-themed jack-o-lantern.


4. Devour a pumpkin!

This time of year, pumpkin is in plenty, which is fantastic for you and your dog.

Now that you've chosen your pumpkin from the pumpkin patch, treat yourself to a slice of pumpkin pie and consider including pumpkin puree in your dog's meal. It's high in fiber and good for digestion; just don't let them eat too much of it.

A few spoonfuls will offer your dog the flavor of fall pumpkin, and their little belly will love you.


5. Enjoy a hike in nature. 

It's a lovely time of year to be outside, with the leaves changing colors.

Your dog isn't colorblind, but they can only see a limited range of colors. Even though they can't appreciate the sights as much as you, the fall season brings with it a slew of new scents that will make your dog just as eager to go for a walk in the woods.

Put on some autumnal attire and take your dog for a walk on the trails!

(If you live in a huge city where nature walks are scarce, you can always find a fun event to attend to get outside, such as dog festivals.)