Getting a New Dog: 15 Essentials For Your New Dog.

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Getting a New Dog: 15 Essentials For Your New Dog.

       Are you getting a new dog or do you plan on getting one in the future? You will be wondering about the essentials your dog needs for training and staying comfy at home. These are important to make your new pup feel comfortable at home and interact freely with his environment. But how will you know exactly what your pup needs? With so many dog supplies to choose from, how should we find the right one? In this article, I will highlight 15 pup essentials for new dog owners and the usefulness of each. Once you have gotten these essentials and the recommended medicine from the vet you should have all you need.

Off course, the most important thing is care and love towards you puppy to ensure a fun time for all.


One important thing to get your pup acquitted with after a little tour around the house is its collar. Choosing the right collar for your dog can make an overall difference in training your dog. There are many collars available out there for your pup but it is important to know the importance of various collars and how to choose the right size. Making the right choice of the collar will help train your pup effectively and provide him with the support he needs. In choosing the right collar for your dog you should know your dog’s neck size, or you can know if it’s comfortable for your dog by fitting two fingers underneath the collar and your dog’s body.

The basic type of collars are:

  • Flat-buckle collar: These are simple collars that buckle, and they are the most popular ones. This type of collar is great for securing tags to your dog.
  • Martingale collar: These collars are designed for dogs with small heads and slender necks.
  • Choke collar: Designed for training big dogs with a strong trachea.

When choosing a collar for your dog you should consider your dog’s temperament, growth rate, how much training he needs, and breed.



As much as the collar is very important for your dog, a harness is too. If you just got a new pup, you may have to wait till your dog is close to its full size to use a harness as some won’t fit properly for a small puppy. All in one, a dog harness is essential as it provides dog owners with proper control over their dogs when walking as it is easier to hold them back when they pull on their leash. In choosing the size of the harness, you can measure your dog’s girth (the measurement of his chest: broadest area of his body) and use the measurement to determine the harness size.

The basic types of the harness are:

  • Adjustable strap: The figure 8 strap is suitable for easy walks dogs.
  • Step-in-strap: This harness is also more suitable for easy walk dogs
  • Strap-In Mesh: This harness is more suitable for broad-chested dogs.
  • Over-the-head strap: This type of harness is suitable for long hair dogs as it won’t snag on their fur.
  • Over the head mesh: This type of harness is designed for dogs that pull on their leash.



The one dog essential more important than a collar and a harness is a leash or lead. This is essential for every dog owner. They are used together with a collar and harness for everyday use. For a new pup, it may take some time to get used to it but with basic training and positive reinforcement, your dog will be able to associate happy moments with his leash-like walks.

The basic type of leashes are:

  • Standard leashes.
  • Retractable leashes.
  • Adjustable leashes.
  • Slip-on leaches.

Dog food


You should get food acceptable to your dog. There are two types of dog food (wet and dry food). Do your research and discuss with your vet what type of food, the quantity, and the brand of food your pup can consume. If you are on a tight budget, getting your dog healthy food does not have to cost too much. You should also consider getting a dog food storage container to keep the food handy as well.

Food and water bowls


For your pup feeding bowls, there are many sizes and designs to choose from. This is an essential item because you don’t want your pup feeding from your plates. Getting them to adapt to their dinnerware will make them more comfortable and less apprehensive towards food. There are bowls designed for bigger dogs made from stainless steel bowl and Simple modern bowls.

Chew toys

When you bring a new dog home, at first they are pretty anxious and tend to chew on stuff. Chew toys are needed to help reduce their anxiety and keep them busy. There are chews made with healthy and safe materials.

Dog Treats

One obvious sign of a dog home is packs of treats in the storeroom. Getting the right brand of treats for your pup is going to be trial and error as every pup have their preferences. Try mixing up various natural, free preservatives treats till he finds his favorite.

Dog bed


Every pup needs to have a bed of its own. If you decide to use a crate, make sure you make it as comfy as possible. You can get a snuggle bed or a mat pad for your pup.


Getting many toys for pups is essential. You can get various sizes of balls, stuffed toys, squeakers as this will keep him busier while you are away instead of furniture or shoes.


A dog fence can help create boundaries for your dog in your house especially if you have stairs. You can also use it to create a fun corner for your pup.

Pee pads.

Pee pads are essential. It can be very helpful during potty training. They help keep your house less messy. Although it is advisable to wipe your dog’s excreta immediately as they tend to leave stains on the floor.

Tracker or ID tags.

After getting a new dog creating a proper means of identification is important as you can’t control everything that happens around your dog. You can talk to your vet about a microchip that contains your information.  This is necessary in case he gets lost, he can be traced to you. You can also settle for an ID tag with your phone number on it and attach it to his collar.

Poop bags.

When you are taking your dog out on a walk you must carry poop bags along. Ideally, you invest in high-quality, biodegradable poop bags and while clearing out make sure there is a distance between your hands and the poop.

Grooming equipment.

No matter the breed of dog you are getting, make sure to invest in good grooming equipment. From nail clippers, shampoo to brushes you need to take your pup hygiene very seriously. Although you may find out that your pup hates bath time, it is essential that your dog gets cleaned regularly. It is certainly advisable you invest in quality grooming equipment.

Car covers and travel carrier

You will need a comfortable means of transporting your dog to the vet or elsewhere. You will need to find a means that suits your dog before embarking on long car travels.

     That’s it! 15 essential items you need for a new pup. There are other important items like a first aid kit, dog blanket, foldable bowls but it is up to you what you think is important for your dog to be happy, secure and playful. Mind you they are all designed to make your dog feel comfortable and relaxed. If you are on a tight budget, you can make up for some of these items with stuff you already have at home. Welcome your new pup and enjoy the deep relationship you will cultivate rightaway!